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The New

Covenant Psalm

Psalm 91 in the light of the New Testament

“The New Covenant Psalm” is a timely book that presents a refreshing perspective on dealing with fear, danger, and other life challenges. Written by the accomplished author and minister Dr Ken Stewart, this book draws inspiration from one of the most beloved Psalms in the Bible – Psalm 91 – and examines it in the light of the New Testament.

The New Covenant Psalm by Dr Ken Stewart is a unique and insightful book that explores Psalm 91 in the light of the New Testament. Psalm 91 is one of the best-known and most beloved psalms in the Bible, and it deals with the common dilemma of fear. In today’s world, fear is all around us, and it can be challenging to manage our fears while trying to live a happy and productive life. This book offers a fresh perspective on dealing with fear by providing a spiritual solution to the problem.

In this book, Dr Stewart delves into the timeless truths and promises of Psalm 91 and interprets them in a way that resonates with contemporary readers. He acknowledges the pervasive sense of fear and insecurity that many people face today and offers a powerful antidote – trusting in God’s protection and provision. By exploring the dangers and trials mentioned in Psalm 91, such as deadly diseases, attacks from enemies, and natural disasters, Dr Stewart guides readers to find peace, strength, and hope in God’s love and faithfulness.

Dr Stewart’s expertise in the Word of God is evident in his writing style. He is known for his straightforward and easy-to-understand teaching, which makes this book accessible to readers of all backgrounds. His knowledge of family relationships, financial planning, and retirement plans has helped him understand fear’s impact on individuals and families. His insights are woven throughout the book, making it an essential resource for anyone struggling with fear.

The book is a spiritual guide, practical wisdom, and insights. Dr Stewart draws from his extensive experience as a pastor, teacher, and financial planner to provide helpful tips and strategies for managing finances, relationships, and other areas of life. His down-to-earth writing style and clear explanations make the book accessible and engaging to readers of all backgrounds and levels of biblical knowledge.

The New Covenant Psalm does not address the issue of gun ownership, which is often associated with fear. Instead, it provides an alternative viewpoint on safety and protection. The book explores individuals’ many dangers, including natural disasters, unintentional accidents, and intentional harm. In each case, the answer is the same: trust in God. Dr Stewart emphasizes the importance of faith in God as a source of comfort and protection.

“The New Covenant Psalm” is a testament to Dr Stewart’s expertise in Christian education, as well as his passion for family relationships, financial planning, and retirement. It reflects his holistic approach to ministry, which integrates spiritual and practical aspects of life. The book also shows his commitment to providing straightforward and easy-to-understand teaching of the Word of God, which has earned him a reputation as a trusted and respected author and minister.

The New Covenant Psalm is a powerful reminder to find peace amid fear by trusting God. The book offers practical advice on cultivating a stronger faith in God and developing a deeper relationship with Him. Dr Stewart’s writing is compelling, using real-life examples to illustrate his points. His insights are backed by scripture, making this book an excellent resource for anyone seeking to understand the power of faith in the face of fear.

Overall, The New Covenant Psalm is a must-read for anyone struggling with fear or looking to deepen their faith. Dr Stewart’s expertise and engaging writing style make this book a valuable resource for individuals and families alike. The book is suitable for anyone, regardless of their familiarity with the Bible or faith background. It is an excellent addition to any personal library or church resource center.